Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Vermont, Onegin, Opera Middlebury

 my Lensky in front of the historic Town Hall Theater

 representation of a peaceful, gorgeous week.

our friends carved their initials into this tree:)

All Shook Up!

My final show to music direct/be in at the Strauss Theater. I loved working there and being a part of it! I miss it!

Too Long...

It has been too long. I mean, nearly a year has passed since I last updated-a year!! Never before have I gone that long without updating this blog. I can find many excuses and reasons for this-smart phones post directly to facebook, instagram, you name it, or just the busyness of life...but really it just comes down to the fact I haven't taken the time. I'd like to change that, though, as I have always used this blog as a way of keeping track of all our adventures. Facebook allows statuses, but one problem with that is you type these (well we hope) clever quotes, sayings, feelings...and then they disappear. Lost in the land of the Here we go again. I will update with pic posts since last I left off, but first, I need to quickly sum up the last year.

One year ago to the week, I was winging my way to New York City, by myself, for an interview at a classical Christian school in downtown Manhattan. I have never been more nervous-as much as I love to travel, shop, explore and generally go places, New York had always seemed so BIG. So DAUNTING. But, Bray reassured me I would love it (he was on my first flight, but was heading to Vermont to perform his first Onegin) as soon as I got off the plane. And indeed, he was right. I stepped out of the subway right into Times Square, and immediately I was swept away by the swarms of people, shops, food, fashion, sights...New York is unlike any other city, and you either love it or hate it. For the most part, and especially those first few days, I absolutely love it.

After a whirlwind few days in New York, I flew back to Monroe to finish my last show at the Strauss Theater and move out of our house and into the in-laws for our remaining time in Louisiana. I was offered the job, and we were planning on heading up in mid July. Bray was in Vermont through June, and I was able to go and see him perform-a breathtaking experience! We then went to New York to look for apartments/boroughs to live in (which is another huge feat on its own) and then took our first cross-country train ride back. Towards the end of July, we still had not found an apartment, so I came up again by myself, and found a place up in Washington Heights, close to the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge. Bray and the kids drove up shortly thereafter, and we were reunited in our new city on our 9th anniversary.

We had a few weeks before I began teaching, and we did our best to unpack, settle in to life sans car, washer/dryer and full-sized fridge, and explore the great city of New York. As you will see from the pics, we packed a LOT in. One thing Bray and I have always loved to do, no matter where we are, is explore whatever we can-touristy or no-that is mostly kid-accessible. We have yet to even come close to exhausting all that New York offers, and one thing it has in abundance is parks. Beautiful parks. I will have to write a separate post about my love for Central Park-I get to walk by/through it everyday-but I will save that for later as this post is already too lengthy.

There is so much to say-so much that has happened here. It has not even been a full year, but I feel like we've been here much longer. We deeply miss our family and friends-and sometimes the slower pace of life-but we are where we are meant to be for now. New York is home for us at this time, and we are determined to make the best of it-and all that it offers-until our next great adventure. 10 years ago, we were in the last stages of our wedding planning, and we often talked about "eventually ending up in New York." That dream came true late last summer, and I am excited to see what God has in store for us while we are here.